Yoga Postpartum: How to integrate your baby into a short daily workout

As a new mom of a two months old baby, I just started to get back on the mat. My whole body is craving for some movement and release of tension but unfortunately, I can’t go to a yoga class whenever I want as I used to do it before pregnancy. So now I’m very often at home with my little one and either I use the short nap breaks to do a few sun salutations or I integrate her in some postures when we’re on the play mat. Here are three easy exercises which you can do with your baby.

1. Core work

During pregnancy, your core muscles are torn and stretched a lot and after giving birth you need to show them where they belong and slowly close the gap between your center abdominals. A fun way to engage your core and to play with your baby is to ly on your back and put your baby on top of your shins. Flex your feet so the baby is safe to not slip off and grab the upper arms to support the baby from the top. Press the lower back on the ground and create a right angle with your tights and lower legs. Your head is lifted above the floor and now begin to engage the core more by pushing your lower legs further away from you. If you want to integrate the lateral abdominal muscles than just bring your lower legs – still parallel to the ground a bit to one side and then back to center. Repeat 10 times each side. To get your baby out of this pose just bring your knees close to your chest, slowly open your legs and let the baby slide on your chest. Now time to cuddle.

2. Chest Opener

When you breastfeed it is unfortunately very common that you take an unhealthy pose while nursing. For me, this means most often that I make around back and feel completely out of balance afterward. A feel- good revision for that is an easy chest opener like the spinx pose and you can do it wherever you baby lies. Just make sure that you press your pubic bone on the ground to keep your lower back long and save and ideally create a right angle with your upper arm and forearm. Stay here as long as you want and add a few circles with your head from right to left.

3. Hip opener and forward bend

Hip openers are highly important to release tension and a forward bend helps to calm the nervous system. You get both advantages when you bring your legs into butterfly pose – feet touching in front of you – and then melt over your legs. If your baby is awake and wants to be close to you then put it in front of you the head lying on your feet. Now you can forward bend and relax your forehead on top of your babies forehead. Try to keep your back as straight as possible and stay for a few deep breaths.

av Anna Kalhammer

Mer om Anna

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