About Run & Relax

Run&Relax is a passion driven brand for active days and comfortable days. Placed between forceful heartbeats and a higher state of consciousness. We call it balanced. 

We want to inspire as many as possible to have a balanced life, to have fun and to find our inner and outer self. On the one hand – be active, push ourselves and achieve personal and professional goals. On the other hand – find our inner strength and our inherent intelligence. We want to be part of your highs and lows – be strong – be comfortable.

We continuously work towards being better in all possible fields. OUR GOAL is to turn waste into new resources. Re-used resources will keep them in the loop for longer and we are closer to a circular industry. In addition to all our bamboo styles, all our technical styles also contains recycled Polyamide. The fiber we use, Q-NOVA®, is made of more than half by pre-consumption waste and its a collaboration with the italian company Fulgar. Read more about our materials in our material guide.

All our products are manufactured in Braga – Portugal. We go a long way back with our suppliers and are proud to have them on our side.

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