Be a beginner

Be a beginner – what’s your challenge?

Salutations from Bali!

I’m back at the island of the Gods to teach my Global Yoga Vibes retreat for the second time. With me I have my family and this time we decided to stay in Canggu for a few days before heading up to the yoga hub of Ubud. The vibe here in Canggu is a bit more ”surfs up”, speedy motorcycles and CrossFit boxes. So I decided to melt in sign up for a CrossFit class. The last time I held something heavier than a baby was… well, years and not months 😉 That + the fact that I tend to get pretty competitive and so CrossFit has never been my first choice. I find it to intense! So it’s no exaggeration to say that I was nervous. So why did I go? And why do I put myself in these uncomfortable situations?

First of all I need that ”nervous beginner state of mind”. It makes me a better teacher. That way I stay connected with my feelings and can better understand people wanting to try yoga but hesitating because they don’t feel flexible, good, strong, vegan, skinny or bla bla bla enough. I become a better and more compassionate guide.

Second, I LOVE movement and they way it connects me to my spirit. There is an element, an opportunity of that meditative state, FLOW you might call it, when we are in our bodies instead of our minds. Especially if it challenges you in some way. Then it’s nearly impossible to think about what you are having for lunch later on, or still be mad/upset with your spouse/friend/collegue. You are in the NOW. To me that is moving mediation. And I love the contrasts, the ability to feel scared and a bit hesitant one minute and then Queen of the world, dirty and sweaty a few minutes (or did an hour pass that fast?) later 😉

Third, maybe it’s age related or it’s really my yoga practice kicking in. But this time I donut get carried away in the class. I’m more interested in listening to my body and follow it than to push for a certain score. When I see other bodies I’m amazed and feel like cheering on every single sweaty soul instead of viewing them as competition. It’s like we are in it together, and there is a really strong energy in moving TOGETHER, in union, as ONE!

So just do it – don’t over think it, join a class. Something that makes your heart bubble with energy (any kind of energy ;). Be a beginner and watch the process – I promise you’ll be amazed by the rewards!

Love Johanna

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